In Conversation with Sally Lo - Founder of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund

No one faces cancer alone

It is inspiring to collaborate with those who share similar dedication toward breast health as yourself. I had the distinct privilege to attend the luxe Pink Afternoon Tea, hosted by The Upper House, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The event brought together dynamic women in support of the city’s largest and most comprehensive breast cancer awareness and fundraising campaign, The Hong Kong Cancer Fund.

We were treated to a special welcome by Sally Lo, the Founder and Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund.

Her focus rings loud and clear. “No One Faces Cancer Alone.”

The Cancer Fund which is not exclusive to breast cancer, but rather to all cancers, has a network of 14 support centers throughout Hong Kong. They work valiantly to provide free information, professional guidance, wellness and holistic care, image support, psychological counseling, and whole family counseling.

On this day, Sally’s messaging targeted breast cancer. Tragically, breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women in Hong Kong, and accounts for 41% of the fund’s cancer population. She urges women to be aware that early detection
of breast cancer means there are more treatment options available to you, and thus, the highest chance for survival. Frighteningly, Sally has found that women who have noticed a breast abnormality, on average, will wait 3 months before visiting her physician for breast cancer screening. That is time desperately lost. To quote her more directly, “Don’t Wait!”

Having spoken with her recently on the very topic of the need for every woman to perform a monthly self breast exam, starting even as early as 21 years old, I was surprised and humbled to have Sally call me to the floor to educate the attending women about our wearable, early breast cancer detection, Cyrcadia iTBra ™. We at Cyrcadia are aligned in support of the Cancer Fund’s Pink Revolution motto of the need to “Check, Check, Check!”

Breast health education empowers women to be part of their future. For the promise of life.


Empowering women with early detection